Seeing Double: The Instax SQ10 Way

There’s no fancy editing tricks needed, just your instax SQUARE SQ10 and some out-of-the-box ideas. A double exposure layers one photo on top of another, merging the two to form one artistic shot. Experimenting is encouraged, but subjects that blend well include flowers and trees, people and textures. Here’s a few examples to get you inspired.

instax SQUARE SQ10 shots

How to create an SQ10 Double Exposure

Turn on your SQ10 and flick the switch on the side to manual. This will allow you to decide which images you want to print, rather than printing automatically.

To select the Double Exposure function, on the back of the camera, press the MENU OK button. SHOOTING MODE is displayed. With the command dial, navigate to DOUBLE EXPOSURE. Press the MENU OK button to select it.

Compose and take your first shot. The picture will be displayed as a preview on the screen. If you’re happy with it, press the MENU OK button. If not, select RETRY to retake the image.

Framing the shot on SQ10

After pressing the MENU OK button, your first image should show a little faded, ghost-like live preview, allowing you to see through the frame and how it will appear over your next shot. Frame up and take your next shot when you’re happy with how it looks. Try turning the camera upside down and see how abstract the picture looks! You’ll then be given the option to retake your second image or press the MENU OK button to keep this one.

Turning the SQ10 camera upside down

After clicking OK, press the print button to create your double exposure, and that’s it! YES!

print coming out of sq10 camera

The kit



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