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If you’ve got loads of lovely memories captured with your camera or phone that are just sitting there as digital files then you’re doing it all wrong… images were made to be printed and we’ve got some super solutions to get you printing right away!

What is the SHARE SP-3?

The instax SHARE SP-3 is the newest printer in the instax range, which lets you print beautiful square images within seconds. It’s small enough to fit in your bag so you can take it with you on days out and stylish enough to look great wherever your put it in your home. Simply connect your smartphone to the SP-3 and print images from your phone and even from your Facebook and Instagram accounts in seconds!

Display away!

Printing your pictures is just half the fun, choosing how and where to display them can be just as exciting.
Here are three creative displays to inspire you.

Instax explorer

If you love exploring then displaying your travel pics and holiday snaps on a map is the perfect way to
relive your memories and show off your photos to visiting friends and family.
Simple and easy – grab a pack of Blu-Tack and test your geography by placing your prints near the destination.
The bigger the map the better! (And more images you can stick to it!)

Focus in frame

Go traditional with a frame – these ones are made for instax square prints so they’re perfect fit! They also make a great gift.
Alternatively, simply prop up your photos or stick them to your walls in a uniform display.

If you’re feeling arty you could download an app to enhance and edit your images further before printing.

Bring the outside in

If a more rustic feel is your style then look for decorative plants and branches to hang your instax prints from with string. Don’t forget to print your images upside down so that the wider part of the instax border sits at the top – the perfect space to make a hole for the string with a hole punch.

Share your displays with us on social media using #FILLTHEWORLD

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