Make Mother’s Day Memorable

Coming up with unique gift ideas every year can be quite challenging, but it really doesn’t have to be.
A DIY gift is one of the best you can give as it’s personal and really means something to your mum.
And we’ve got the perfect Mother’s Day gift – an instax bouquet!

What you’ll need:

-SHARE SP-2 Printer and film
-Bamboo sticks or paper straws
-Clear wrapping film
-Tissue paper
-Adhesive/sticky tape

What to do:

First, choose your images. These could be of you and your siblings, you and your mum or some of her favourite things or memories. Search through those stored on your phone and your social media accounts; you’re sure to find some that you may have uploaded or been tagged in, but have since forgotten about. Next print them using the instax SHARE SP-2 printer.

Once you’ve printed the images and they have fully developed, attach each image to a bamboo stick or paper straw using adhesive.

For the bouquet:

You can either buy a pre-made bouquet or get even more creative by making your own arrangement. Lay out your flowers and instax bamboo sticks, making sure that the instax photos sit above the flowers. You may need to cut some of the flower stems or bamboo sticks to arrange your bouquet. Hold your bouquet up to see how everything will look. Once you’re happy, secure the flowers and bamboo sticks in place using string.

Next unroll your wrapping film and tissue paper. Put the tissue on top of the wrapping film and place your bouquet on them at a slight angle. Stick the corner of the film and paper to your flowers using tape, then roll your bouquet in the film and paper, secure it, and you’ve got an instax bouquet for Mother’s Day!

Share your Mother’s Day bouquets with us using #FILLTHEWORLD

The kit

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