Junior – Making Music and Memories

Who are Junior you might ask? This pop-punk trio consists of Matt Attard, Mark Andrews and Si Martin and when they got in touch to tell us about their latest music video – which features instax – we had to find out more!

So, tell us, why did you decide to include instax in your music video?

Matt: Si has had his instax wide 210 for a while now and we’ve used it to pinpoint moments in Junior’s career. With this video memories are a big thing, so it sort of fell in to place and we thought that this would be really cool to do.

Si: I’ve legit had it for about six years. My fridge is covered in instax photos, we’ve got them all hung up along the windows in our living room with pegs.

We see you’ve also featured an instax on your tour poster and single artwork…

Matt: As we had to have single artwork for ‘Day of the Dead’, we thought an instax shot would be more striking and stand the test of time. I think for this tour because we really wanted to push this song in particular, and because we really like it, the picture goes hand-in-hand with the video. We could’ve got other artwork created but this fitted in so well.

Si: We also hang the pictures up on our merch table and stuff!

Mark: It’s a big part of the branding around the single, ‘Day of the Dead’ and we’ve got a big backdrop printed of it as well.

What do you guys love so much about instax?

Mark: In the same way that vinyl is back in, having a physical print is back – it’s more enjoyable, especially in the age of online where it’s instant gratification with photos that get posted and then completely forgotten about within a day or two.

Si: I’ve got like 4000 pictures on my phone at the moment, whereas I have about 100 instax photos. Normally you just snap, snap, snap, but with instax I choose a moment that’s really good and that I want a picture of.

Matt: It instantly creates worth as well, when it comes out you cherish it. I feel like with instax you never just throw them in the cupboard, they’re always on display somewhere.

Will we be seeing more of instax in your work?

Si: We’re getting our album mixed at the moment, and we have an idea of having an instax photo printed that relates to each song. For example some lyrics are “a perfect garden where the smallest seed can grow” and we might have a nice picture of some flowers with the lyrics handwritten next to it. We might even do something like the first 12 people who pre-order get an individual print…

We look forward to seeing what Junior come up with next!


Watch the video for ‘Day of the Dead’ featuring instax

Website: https://www.musicofjunior.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/musicofjunior

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/musicofjunior

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/musicofjunior/

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