instax SQUARE SQ10 on tour with Mollie Rose

I’ve just touched down in London after joining Liv Dawson on the European leg of Khalid’s world tour and didn’t we have a blast!!! I was fortunate enough to be taking my instax SQUARE SQ10 along for the ride and I’ll be chatting to you briefly about my experience with it.

Mollie Rose

When I’m shooting music photography I find it key to keep switching up my camera equipment and have multiple pieces of kit on me at all times. You never really know the locations you’ll be shooting in, and this way, all bases are covered!

Of course, I had my DSLR and video camera but I have to say my instax never left my side! It’s the perfect camera for capturing those incidental, ad-hoc moments which really pieced our tour story together.



My favourite feature of the SQ10 has to be that all images taken are also saved digitally to a Micro SD card within the camera. This means I can make as many prints of the same photo as I wish. Perfect for sharing out amongst the team and making sure everyone gets a copy!

It also gives you the option to pick and choose the images you’d like to print – saving film and those vital pennies.

I have to say, I have been hesitant to use an instant camera in a commercial manner as those small, spontaneous time frames you’re given to shoot artists means you must utilise it in the most efficient way you can. Having said that, the SQ10 has really changed this for me. This seemingly niche camera really has created a bridge between film and digital shooting.

I also loved how you could adjust the exposure of the image before or after taking your shot. We were blessed with a lot of sunshine whilst out and about in the cities and it made shooting into the light a lot more doable – something that may have been to risky if I couldn’t see what I was taking or couldn’t adjust the exposure to suit.

I’d say my number one tip when using the instax SQ10 is to experiment with getting up nice and close to your subject when shooting. In addition to the macro feature, the camera boasts a pretty impressive lens (28.5mm) and a f/2.4 aperture meaning you can shoot a lot closer to your subjects than you may think!

Experiment experiment experiment!

Overall, I’ve loved my time with the instax SQUARE SQ10 so far and now I’m back in London I’m already planning my next shoot with it!!
A fashion, instant-based story! Eeeeek!

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