Halloween Party Hacks

It’s the spookiest time of year and we love it.
If like us you’re planning a Halloween party then you’ll love these quick and easy tips to add a fun, creative edge using instax prints!

Toffee Apple Treat Tags

Create toffee apples as treats for your guests, wrap them in film and then attach a Halloween-themed instax shot with ribbon as a gift tag.

What you’ll need:

6 apples
350g sugar (golden caster sugar or brown sugar)
100ml water
35g butter
2tsp white vinegar
2tbsp golden syrup
Baking paper
Wooden toffee apple sticks/lollipop sticks
Clear film or bags
Sugar thermometer (optional)
Hole punch

How to create:

Clean your apples and dry them thoroughly.
Twist off each stalk and push a wooden stick into the stalk end of each apple.
Cut a piece of baking paper big enough for all the apples with generous space between them.
Put the sugar and water into a pan on a medium heat. Cook until the sugar has dissolved and then stir in the butter, vinegar and golden syrup.
If you have a sugar thermometer boil to around 120°C,
or test the toffee by spooning a small amount into a bowl of cold water.
If it’s ready it will ball up and harden; if it’s not, it will break up.
When it’s ready, turn off the heat.

Now you need to work quickly. Dip each apple into the toffee. Make sure it’s covered before taking it out – let any excess toffee drip off back into the pan. Place it on the baking paper to dry.
The apples should take around 15 minutes to fully dry, then it’s time to get wrapping and gift tagging.

Turn on your instax SHARE SP-2 Printer and connect your camera using the instax SHARE app.
Select a picture to print, click edit and rotate the image 180° so it looks upside down. This is so when you punch a hole in the top of the print, the gift tag hangs so the picture is the right way up (Important – never punch a hole into undeveloped film as the chemicals sit inside the wide white part of the film and will be harmful to your skin!).
If you don’t want to punch a hole, you can print as normal and stick the instax print to a piece of card and punch the hole in the card instead.
Wrap your toffee apple with film or place it in a film bag (stick upwards),
thread your ribbon through the hole in the print, then wrap it around the film and tie it in a bow.

Halloween toffee apples


The Halloween Piñata

Buy a spooky-themed piñata for your party. Fill it with sweets and instax pictures so it will be even more of a surprise when the winner smashes it open.

Halloween pinata broken open


Ghoulish Goodie Bags

So no sweets and snacks get left behind, create personalised gift bags for your guests to take their treats home in; you could even make this a party activity so you can get creative together. Snap pictures of you and your mates dressed up, stick them to your goodie bags and decorate in scary Halloween bits.


The kit



mini film

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