don’t just take, give.™

300 million images are uploaded to the internet every single day. But photography isn’t just about taking. It’s also about giving.

Introducing instax’s little ‘generosity machines’. Colourful cameras and printers that allow you to give more of yourself, to give your creativity, your imagination, your point of view, your love, your thanks, or just give a friend something to hold onto.

What will you give?


Our Giving Story

Told from the point of view of our cameras, our new campaign is a celebration of generosity, and all the ways we’ve helped people give. From invitations to decorations, holiday snaps to memories you can hear as well, as hold.


Take and give with the instax mini Link smartphone printer

We take thousands of photos with our smartphones every day—and that’s pretty much where those images remain. It’s time to give photos, instead of just taking them. That’s why instax created the mini Link smartphone printer. It liberates photos from your phone and online and lets you turn all of your favourite moments into real instax prints that you can share, pin or simply hold. So, don’t just take photos, give them.


Start your giving story

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