Why instax film?

With dazzling instant iconic-framed prints, stunning colour and professional high-quality film technology, we ask you why not?

Since 1973, our scientists have been playing with all sorts of chemical combinations (don’t try this at home), and taken more than two million test pictures to get just the right results. Not too red, not too blue. Why? Because they’re perfectionists.

Throughout all of our research and development, our mission was to produce a film with all the high-speed advantages of an ISO 800 film. Did we find the perfect formula? We’d be lying if we said no.

mini film

instax mini film offers stunning-quality instant pictures that fit in a purse, wallet or mini photo frame.

Professional quality instant film technology ensures accurate colour and sharpness with every frame, not to mention a unique and highly attractive way to capture and share your memories.

Print size – 54 x 85mm
Image size – 46 x 62mm

Works with: mini 9 | mini 70 | mini 90 | mini LiPlay | SHARE SP-2


Colour instant film in a new square-format.

This new film boasts the same professional high-quality instant photograph technology found in all instax film, but in a square-format. With guaranteed accurate colour and sharpness, your memories will be preserved for years to come in a format that photographers love across the globe.

Print size – 86 x 72mm
Image size – 62 x 62mm

Works with: SQUARE SQ6 | SQUARE SQ20 | SHARE SP-3

WIDE film

Colour instant film that is twice as wide as instax mini film.

Compatible with instax WIDE 300 camera, this film delivers superb quality instant images in a much larger frame, allowing you to capture the wider world around you.

Print size 108 x 85mm
Image size – 99 x 62mm

Works with: WIDE 300

instax deco film

Dare to go wild?

We’ve added dots, we’ve gone bold with colour and we’ve even dabbled with comic strip ‘kapows’. Where? On the frame of our colour instant film, of course.

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