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Day Tripping With Instax

Whether you’re planning a day out with your best mate in the capital, heading out on a scenic adventure or just taking it easy and going with the flow, recording all the mini moments you experience will mean you can look back on those special days. Stuck for what to shoot? Try these ideas on for size…


Who can resist a good selfie? Put yourself in the picture whether on the train, riding the Tube, visiting tourist attractions or soaking up beautiful scenery. Think outside the box and shoot details such as your shoes and where they take you.


The Scenery

You of course want to include shots of where you’re visiting – landmarks, sites of interest and cool places you discover.


Food and Drinks

A fancy bar or a quirky street stall? An amazing burger, an epic ice cream or a dreamy hot chocolate? Wherever and whatever you’re eating grab a shot of it. Food photography is big right now, so make sure you tag where you’re shooting if you share on social, and you may even get some extra photo-love!

food and drink images


Let your creativity go wild and shoot anything that catches your eye. You might walk past some colourful flowers or some edgy graffiti, or even spy a sign that makes you laugh. Photography is all about how you interpret the subject, so get creative.

DetailsHere are some examples of how your day out stories will look once you’ve captured your adventure…

A Day at the Seaside

Day at the seaside

City Sightseeing

Day in the city

Exploring the Great Outdoors

Exploring the Great Outdoors

Once you’ve bagged yourself some memories, share your shots with friends or display them around your own home. Try these great ideas show off your images. 

The kit

mini 70


mini film

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