Instax Mini 9

You, yourself and your mini 9

Meet your new best friend – the instax mini 9.
Cute, colourful and compact, this instant camera
is just bursting with cool photo features, and
will always be by your side.

Instax Mini 70

Remember that time…with the mini 70

The mini 70 is sweet – in the clever and oh-so-stylish
sense. Jam-packed with fantastic must-try
features, this awesome, compact instant camera
may be light in weight but not in power.

Instax Mini 90

Watch sparks fly with the mini 90

Picture this. Stylish yet classic good looks, combined
with the latest feature-rich image tech. What’s not to like?
Meet the mini 90 – designed to keep even the snap-happiest
photo lover in seventh heaven.



Sure, the SQ6 is super stylish to look at, but what has this camera really nailed? Oodles of easy-to-use creative modes that’ll bring out your most adventurous side every day.

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Instax SQUARE SQ10

Let’s take this outside…

Smart, sexy, square – the instax SQ10 has all our best
features, combined with a little digital wizardry to help
capture yours. Its focus is on getting the best ever memories;
forever captured as shiny unique prints.

Instax SQUARE SQ20

Shoot. Print. Rewind.

Have your cake and eat it with the SQ20.
Enjoy all the best instax features in a digital hybrid instant camera, alongside our new ‘superpower’ – the motion capture mode.
Allowing you to pick your favourite shots in a matter of seconds with a simple, yet very effective, rewind and scroll feature.

Instax WIDE 300

Dare to go double with the WIDE 300

Two scoops or one? Single shot or turbo powered? We always
feel there’s room for more. And with the WIDE 300 we are
giving you more. Double, in fact.