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    A cute and compact camera that brings instant fun and excitement to your everyday life.

    The instax mini 8 is easy to use, lets you make fun prints instantly, and is available in 7 distinctly different colours!

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    Capture fun instantly with the colourful, compact instax mini 9.

    Super easy to use and available in five refreshing colours, the mini 9 features a selfie mirror and close-up lens – this instant camera is just screaming out for that perfect selfie.

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    Cobalt Blue

    Ice Blue

    Lime Green

    Flamingo Pink

    Smokey White

  • Instax Mini 70

    A fun, stylish point-and-shoot camera that will fast become your go-to camera.

    The instax mini 70 offers additional features to let you get more creative with your photography and is available in 6 stylish colours.

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  • Instax Mini 90

    A stylish and sophisticated camera that sets itself apart from the rest.

    The instax mini 90 Neo Classic packs in a variety of additional features that allow for more freedom, control and creativity in your photography.

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  • Instax WIDE 300

    A camera that lets you get even more friends in your photos - perfect for parties and gatherings.

    Twice as wide* as instax mini film, instax WIDE film is even better for instantly preserving great moments with your family and friends.

    *instax mini film: 86 x 54mm

    instax WIDE film: 86 x 108mm

  • Instax Square SQ10


    Enjoy the best of both worlds with the new intuitive square-format hybrid instant camera.

    Sophisticated, intelligent and square! The SQ10 is the first within the instax range to feature a LCD screen allowing photographers to edit and filter a shot before printing. The SQ10 also provides an exciting range of new features including internal memory, reprint ability and iconic square-format prints.

    With the control and composition of a digital camera, and the enjoyment and tangible fun of real instant prints, you can have your cake and eat it!

  • Instax Share

    A portable printer that lets you create instax mini prints directly from your phone.

    Transfer your favourite memories stored on your smartphone to the instax SHARE SP-2 via Wi-Fi and print them instantly on instax mini film.

    You can also print images from your Instagram and Facebook accounts.
  • Instax Mini

    Instax Mini Film

    Colour instant film for all instax mini cameras and SHARE printers.

    instax mini film offers stunning-quality instant pictures that fit in a purse, wallet or mini photo frame.

    Professional quality instant film technology ensures accurate colour and sharpness with every frame, not to mention a unique and highly attractive way to capture and share your memories.

    Print size - 54 x 85mm

    Image size - 46 x 62mm

  • Instax Mini

    Instax Mini Film Monochrome

    Black and white instant film for all instax mini cameras and SHARE printers. 

    instax mini film Monochrome enables photographers to expand their artistic potential.

    Like the standard colour instax mini film, the monochrome version ensures sharp and clear images, but by producing a black and white image, the photographer is given the freedom to accentuate the tone, texture and emotion in their images.

    Print size - 54 x 85mm

    Image size - 46 x 62mm

  • Instax Wide

    Instax Wide Film

    Colour instant film that is twice as wide as instax mini film.

    Compatible with instax WIDE 300 camera, this film delivers superb quality instant images in a much larger frame, allowing you to capture the wider world around you.

    Based on the same instant film technology that has long been the requirement for demanding professionals, this film achieves the level of image quality and colour accuracy that ensures your memories are preserved for years to come.

    Print size 108 x 85mm

    Image size - 99 x 62mm

    Instax Mini Deco Film

    Colour instant film that features different fun frame designs.

    Make sharing instax even more fun by using one of the instax mini deco films.

    Print size - 54 x 85mm

    Image size - 46 x 62mm

  • Instax Mini

    Instax Square Film


    Colour instant film in a new square-format.

    The wait is over. Square-format film compatible with the instax SQ10 has arrived.

    This new film boasts the same professional high-quality instant photograph technology found in all instax film, but in a square-format. With guaranteed accurate colour and sharpness, your memories will be preserved for years to come in a format that photographers love across the globe.

    Print size – 8.6cm x 7.2cm

    Image size – 6.2cm x 6.2cm

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